No Hot Water?

At SHD We have solutions to all hot water problems wether it might be servicing and maintenance, replacement of burst tanks, upgrades to instantaneous systems or water temperature limitations for safety. We give our customer many options based on our assessment. With educations come informations and we believe keeping our customers informed helps us deliver the best outcome. 

Repairs, Servicing and Maintance 

All of our vehicles are fully stocked with all the necessary parts to get your hot water up and running. We provide servicing on all storage systems and inform our customers of there maintenance obligations as a home owner.  


We do all replacements on the spot so you are not left without hot water over night. Our vehicles being fully stocked and our warehouse holding new units gives us the ability to deliver the best service possible.


The technology in the new hot water systems we have on the market today give extremely good energy rating. Storage water heaters are better insulated, instantaneous water heaters are more compact. We are getting over 6 star energy rating on some hot water heaters which can save you a lot of money in gas and electricity bills. Ask for a quote on upgrading your old inefficient system today.

Storage to Instantaneous Conversion