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Be more energy efficient! TIP #1

Most are all guilty of this one! When we wash our hands we by habit turn the water to hot for two reasons:

  1. Most of us start the shower on full hot and wait for the water to come through therefore habitually do it on other fixtures.

  2. We have soap in our right hand and use the left tap which is hot.

Now the problem with this is we usually only spend 5-10 seconds at the basin to wash our hands. In most domestic houses our hot water systems are located more than 10 seconds away. What I mean by this is that between the hot water system and the tap the hot pipes holds cold water which we use to wash our hands and the hot water we draw through doesn't get used. Essentially we use hot water which uses energy and costs money but we are essentially washing with cold water.

The long short to this tip is wash your hands with cold water if you don't seem to get the hot water through before you finish because its costing you money and putting up your carbon emissions.

Be water and carbon wise :)

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